Dress to Impress, UBS Tells Staff

A story in today’s Wall Street Journal reveals that UBS has published a 43 page dress code for its Swiss office designed to upgrade the appearance of its workforce. Of course, this is good news for those of us who create quality clothing. Here’s the link:


 The goal of the code is to emphasize “competence, formalism and sobriety.” While those are certainly laudable goals, I would spin it a little differently. In my opinion, you show respect for the client when you dress in a thoughtful manner that reflects quality and attention to detail.

Frankly, it’s the same issue when you go to the theater or out to dinner. There rarely is a dress code any more at either of these venues. Yet, I believe you are showing respect to your neighbor in these situations by dressing appropriately. Perhaps the couple next to you are getting engaged or celebrating an important event. If you are dressed carelessly, you are detracting from their enjoyment of the evening. And vice-a-versa, of course.

An informal survey of our clients showed that 9 out 10 wished that people dressed better when they went to the theater or out to dinner. So, I guess I’m not alone in my thinking.

That's the Saint Laurie way!

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